The Car of Bling

If you thought limousines were accessorised within an inch of their lives, spare a thought for the 70,000 Hot Wheels car. Yes, that's right, those little toy cars you played with in the sand pit have reached a milestone and want to mark it with a special production luxury vehicle.

The most expensive Hot Wheels model car ever to be made was unveiled at the American Toy Fair in New York and was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hot Wheels. The tiny car is 18 carat white gold and covered in over 2,700 diamonds which make up nearly 23 carats. The Hot Wheels logo on the under carriage of the model is lined with white and black diamonds and the tail lights are made from red rubies.

In 40 years of production, Hot Wheels made sure its four billionth car would stand out from the crowd and this 1:5 scale model is sure to do just that, if you can see it through the bling. The Hot Wheels car was designed by celebrity jeweller Jason Arasheben from Beverley Hills and will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity.

So while model car enthusiasts will go to any lengths, and any amount of money, to secure the most expensive and exclusive toy car, you don't have to be anywhere near as extravagant to ride in the most expensive or the most exclusive limousine. We can quickly and easily find you the ideal limousine for you and your special night out and we can secure you a ride in a limousine which is sure to evoke green feelings in everyone you pass.

While we may not be able to find you a diamond encrusted limousine, we can find you a limousine which will make you feel like you're shining as much as the four billionth Hot Wheels car does in the sun.

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